Pepita & cress pizza

The roasted pepitas give a delicious nutty flavour to this pizza. Purchased wheat pizza base Lavish amount of tomato sauce 1/4 cup of cheese substitute or mozzarella 1/4 cup of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) 3/4 cup of red kidney beans (cooked but not too soft) 1/2 cup of Brazilian spinach 1 cup Lebanese cress sprinkle of … Continue reading Pepita & cress pizza

Kang kong

I like to wander my veggie patch around sunset to gather greens for my salad.  At the Yandina Community Garden I discovered Kang Kong.  This plant grows easily in the sub-tropics in well composted soil and tastes like mushy peas. As you can see a grasshopper has nibbled this specimen.  Not that I mind, there … Continue reading Kang kong